Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Time isnt in my hands

Busy week this week. Tonight we had a gourmet evening, (more about that tomorrow), tomorrow is Wine Blog Wednesday and this months theme is Champagne. Then on Thursday weve got Dining Club again, and Friday we have a function in the Arkle. Ive got loads going on in the cellar to get sorted out, and the paperwork mounts up. Wine suggestions, menu costings, wines by the glass to sort out, shopping lists to compile, gourmet events to finalise, and the list goes on. But its nearly twenty past one in the morning, and Ive got to be up early in the morning to take the wee man to playgroup. Also got to nip into Tesco's on my way home and get some bread, tights for the missus, and some other odds and sods. No rest for the wicked, and man I must have been a bad ass in my past life, cos this one's a bitch!! Karma baby!!

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