Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Harvest approaches.

The word is coming back from France that we are all set for the harvest visit at the begining of October. All I need to do now is get the boss to sign off on the visit. As I will be back in time for the weekend I dont think they will have any issues, and they owe me for ruining my holiday anyway, but I cant take anything for granted. Im really looking forward to going as it will be an amazingly educational visit. To actually be out in the vineyards, to be involved in the process of harvesting, processing the grapes and then actually turning it into wine will stick in my mind for many years to come. Many of my peers and colleagues have told me it is an invaluable experience that just brings to life all the theory and prose in the numerous text books we have studied during our careers.

Im hoping that we will have a bit of time to explore the region a little bit and I especially want to visit Beaune because there is a bookshop there that I plan to hammer the credit card in!!

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