Friday, September 15, 2006

Coming back to earth.

I had a slightly humbling experience last night after work. I decided to just have a quick read through some of the postings on this blog, and I noticed a worrying trend. Almost all the wines that I have mentioned have been wallet-busters, three fugure plus wines. I almost convinced myself that I could justify them as exceptional experiences, but the fact is that it presents a very skewed perception of what our wine list at the Arkle is all about. I believe I have mentioned several times that we have high operating margins, and hence our prices are a bit higher that I would find ideal, but having said that there are some great bargains to be had on the wine-list, and now more than ever the list is starting to even itself out in the price brackets, with more wines now under £50. I still think that I have some ground to make up with this, but we are making real progress. So later today (time permitting) I plan to blog about a few of these bargains on the list, and try to create a bit more balance in the wines that I present. But forgive me for the odd indulgence when I get the opportunity to sell a blockbuster wine.

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