Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This time next week...

Im gonnae be in Gevrey Chambertin up to my nuts in a vat of grapes crushing them with my feets the old fashioned way. But dont worry, my feet are really clean, no athlete's foot or verucca's on my feet. Being in a job that will often involve me being on my feet for the better part of the day, I do actually take good care of my feet. Each night after a short soak, I scrub the dead skin off with a pumice board, before rubbing Boot's Botanics overnight foot treatment into them. The lavender revitalises them and the witchhazel is an antiseptic which keeps them nice and healthy. My feet feel nice and refreshed in the morning. Wear proper cotton socks and not cheap nylon and wearing real leather uppers so that they can breathe also helps. Keeping them cooped up in plastic shoes or nylon socks encourages the feet to sweat and the materials just ensure that the sweat pools and gathers leading to athletes foot and other fungal nasties.

And on that pleasant note, its time I went home and washed my poor aching feet.

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