Friday, September 15, 2006

Mouton Again!!!

I had an interesting conversation last night with one of the guests at Dining Club. The fellow is a regular at our gourmet evenings, and usually hosts a large table at almost all of the dinners. We were discussing the particularly fine red wine that I had selected to go with the main course. A 1994 Tenuta dell'Onellaia Masseto, 100% merlot, regarded as the Italian Petrus. Somehow we got to talking about other fine wines, and he told me a fantastic description for an 82 Mouton.

While dining at a friends house in Maryland, USA, they chose a bottle of 82 Mouton from his hosts extensively stocked cellar. While enjoying the wine, they got to talking about how you would describe such a divine wine, and Mr M. chose to describe it thus: "Imagine the most fantastically sexy pair of legs, clad in the finest, silkiest stockings. This mouton is like stroking the upper thigh of those legs" How cool is that!!!! I totally understood what he meant by that description, and so did many of the other gentlemen in the room last night!! So now Ive just got to get some 82 Mouton, so when someone asks me what it is like, well you know what Im going to say, dont you!

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