Thursday, October 19, 2006

WBW the competition stage.

For anyone that has been following this edition of Wine Blog Wednesday, Beau at Basic Juice had us all submit a tasting note for a wine from a choice of three regions per colour. He then posted these descriptions leaving out the origin of the wines. We then have to deduce the region of origin from the tasting notes. Not easy I can tell you.

Heres my submission of guesses.

1) My own entry -
2) Spain - im guessing at Priorat
3) France - Burgundy and im going out on a limb with Grand Cru possibly Echezeaux
4) France again, this time Bordeaux
5) Washington - but im thinking Pinot
6) Italy
7) France - the Rhone Valley - maybe Northern Rhone
8) New York - on a limb again Finger Lakes
9) Italy
10) Washington
11) Italy
12) Spain
13) Washington
14) Washington
15) Spain
16) Italy
17) Oregon - im guessing the variety at Viognier and ????
18) Washington
19) Italy

see the Basic Juice site for the descriptions at :

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