Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Over the space of the last two weeks, Ive pretty much managed to catch up with quite a few of my friends from Gleneagles. I miss my friends, I miss playing stupid games like tig in the restaurant during Saturday service, I miss the sense of cameraderie we all shared when someone on the team scored a big sale, I miss pointing out the attractive women on our stations and trying to outdo each other. I miss going back to Neils place after service and playing Burnout or Timesplitters or Pro Evo Footy till some ridiculous hour of the morning, and still turning up for work the next morning afternoon after too little sleep. I miss the banter we all shared before and during service, I miss the way we used to wind up the food waiters with silly practical jokes. I miss taking the mickey out of the restaurant manager Shuggie with Ahmed, I miss winding up the stiff assed Head Waiter Cedric then having a laugh with him after service. I miss the buzz of walking into a full restaurant with 350+ covers, flambe trolleys going off across the room, and feeling a tingle running down my spine, ever single saturday!!!! But most of all I miss my friends.

Neil is down in New Zealand now, deciding which winery he wants to work for. Niall is in Thailand working in an exotic spa resort hotel. Ian is down at Bishopstrow house working as a Food and Beverage manager. Remi is still at Gleneagles, waiting to finish his WSET Diploma. Ive no idea where Scrappy is, probably getting drunk and getting his kecks off if past behaviour is anything to go by. Guillaume is now working for a wine shop in Perth. Cedric is in Dubai working for Jumerai. Shuggie has left the Glen and is now teaching in Perth. Weve all pretty much moved on in our own directions. But its nice to catch up every once in a while and remember the fun times we all shared. I miss my friends.

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