Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ten green bottles.........

Gotta be in at 9am tomorrow for the stocktake, its that time of the month again. Im really beginning to hate doing the stocktakes, and even though I get paid overtime for it, it seriously isnt worth the money for all the aggro and hassle it gives me. Tonight Im lucky because the clocks go back, so I get an extra hour in bed, which might mean I wont be so tired tomorrow. But that wont be enought to stop me from going into a trace about halfway down the red wines. Bin 233 Ten bottles, Bin 234 seven bottles, bin 235 eight bottles, bin 237 one bottle, bin 238 five bottles, mindless, brain numbing repetition and you start to find your eyes getting heavy, you start to slur your words and it gets harder and harder to focus on the bottles. And the sad part is, that usually happens just a third of the way into the count.

Im off to bed to make the most of the extra hour.

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