Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Summers over now

Tonight we did 40 covers, which is fantastic for a Wednesday night. Tomorrow we are looking at 23 covers, but by tomorrow night we will probably be closer to 30 again. The summer break is over, and with winter setting in it looks like it might be a busy period for us. Great news, we're behind budget, and worse we are behind last years revenue. This means that we havent shown any growth which is a cardinal sin in the hotel industry. You can almost be forgiven for falling short on your budget - its been a difficult year after all, with the world cup, the rising threat of terrorism, etc etc. But to not show any growth on last year - my god - the horror!!!

But the bright news on the horizon is that we seem to be on track to recover a good chunk of the shortfall if things continue as they have been. And at the end of the day, we would all much rather be busy than stood around wishing the night would end. At least when its busy you dont have the time to ponder the time and watch the clock, and before you know it the last customers have moved through for their coffee and you can get squared up and finish.

So bring it on, after all weve only got 50 services left until we close for crimbo (68 days left till Santa's coming!!!!!!). Then weve got 4 more services to do till we break for three glorious weeks of holiday. And wild horses wont get me to come back early this time!

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