Thursday, October 19, 2006

Theres nowt as queer as folk.

Ive blogged in the past about some of the stupid and silly things that people say, but tonight really took the biscuit for daftness.

the Background: Table booked for two people - comments on the booking are that they have a gift voucher for £130. They will pay the difference. The booking came from the MD's pa which usually means that it is VIP.

So they couple come in and enjoy a nice meal, with a great bottle of wine (Bonny Doon's Clos de Gilroy Grenache). Come the end of the meal, one of them asks for the bill. They seem a bit surprised to see the bill includes everything, at which they inform the Chef de Rang that they had a gift voucher to pay for the meal. So Paco goes over to see them and tells them its OK if they give us the voucher it is treated as cash. Here comes the magic moment now.

The dozy eejit then tells Paco that they've left the voucher at home " I didnt think I would need it" WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! I can honestly say that in over fifteen years working in the hospitality industry that is undoubtably the most stupid thing that I have ever heard anyone utter. When your granny gave you a book token for your birthday you took it into the nearest WH Smiths and exchanged it for a book of your chosing. You dont turn up at the counter and say that you didnt think that you would need the voucher to get your book. So why the hell would you do it here!

Im continually amazed by people, and by god thats one of the reasons that I truly love this job, because it aint the shitty pay and crappy hours. Its people, clever and thick as shit, rich as Croesus and poor as me, that make this job so wonderful and so incredably frustrating at the same time. You couldnt make this stuff up, honestly.

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