Saturday, October 14, 2006


Much like Bowie used to change his entire personality and musical style, so a good wine-list ought to change its wines by the glass every six or so months. It keeps things fresh and allows you to stay truer to the menu if the wines you pour by the glass change with the menus.

With this in mind we have changed the wines by the glass today to suit the fact that winter is coming in now, and people are starting to turn towards richer, heavier whites and reds. Plus the menu is starting to feature more red meats and game and so they need slightly more robust wines to complement them.

So we have a great tempranillo from Cascabel winery in McLaren, a couple of South African crackers - one from Peacock Ridge a really fruity merlot, and a beaut from Buitenverwachting, the Meifort Cabernet Merlot. Im also listing the new Stormhoek Siren Pinotage, but unfortunately that hasnt arrived yet. For the whites Ive got a great blend from Sicily from Planeta, La Segreta Bianco which blends traditional varieties with "modern intruders", and a great late harvested Riesling from Berton Vineyards - the "Forgotten" Riesling which has a great touch of residual sugar and is starting to develop pleasing secondary aromas that riesling is known for.

If I get a chance later I will post some tasting notes.

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