Sunday, December 31, 2006

Off sick

Dont know what Ive done, but my back is is wicked agony. It all started on boxing day but by wednesday night after driving back from Grismby I was in quite some discomfort. I woke up on thursday and could hardly move. Shooting pains right down my right buttock and thigh, absolute agony. Went to the quacks on Friday who signed me off until the 12th January with lower back pain. Ive never had serious back pain before, but by god it hurts. Good thing the drugs hes prescribed are pretty strong. 2 co-codamol 500mg every four hours to feel absolutely nothing. I mean not a damned thing, mind you I cant concentrate worth shit, my vision is slightly blury and they make you constipated, so its not all good.

So this is the first hogmanay in twelve years that Im not working. I will probably be in bed before the bells. I also just found out that my Mum has been hospitalised in Nigeria, and may well be shipped home early. Not really turning out to be the great end to the year that I hoped for.

Happy new year, and may 2007 be better than 2006. (Shouldnt be too difficult, although if I do end up getting divorced, it might not be!!). d'Oh!!

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