Saturday, August 26, 2006

Petrus 1981

Table of four, the name looks familiar, I hope it is one of our regulars. They drink decent burgundy and are nice easy folks to keep happy. On a busy saturday night the more easy table the better. Especially as Danny is away on holiday. Anyway as the guests roll in, they look familiar, but it isnt who I hoped it was. Pre-dinner drinks, canapes, Paco takes their food order and all seems well. I glance over at the "host" who's immersed deep in the wine-list oblivious to all around him. So I give him some time and approach the table.

"Whats this like?" he asks pointing to the Latour 1950. I compose my thoughts and tell him the truth. Its a mature claret with remnants of fruit flavour and character, but its not a wine to linger over. The last two bottles I served were flat by the time I had poured them into the glass. "Is that the only Latour you have?". Im afraid so, although I missed the boat this afternoon getting my purchase order for £2502 worth of claret. Didnt order any Latour because I couldnt afford it. So he flicks through a few more pages and settles for a Petrus 1981. Not a bad start to the night at £700 a bottle.

The wine was a bit hazy with a fine suspension of sediment (it was transported from the cellar in a dumb waiter). Not the best start. The nose was a bit restrained with elderberry, old leather and a hint of prune. I didnt actually taste it, because I had a mouthfull of Dry River Pinot noir 2004 just minutes earlier and the flavours were still doing the tango on my tastebuds. But truth be told, if I was paying £700 for it, I would be a bit disappointed. Other than that, a pretty vanilla night. Everything went quite smoothly and Ive just got about six hours to do tomorrow with the stocktake then Im off for nine days. Bliss.

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