Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wine Blog Wednesday 24 - Loire Whites

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Wine Blog Wednesday, Happy Birthday to youououououou!!!!

Two years old, and growing. This is my fourth entry into the gathering that is WBW. This anniversary theme is Loire Valley whites, chosen by Alder at Vinography.

This is a bit easier to choose than the last two. Ive gone for a classic Loire white, that used to be immensely popular, but then became kind of naff. Back in the day, when I first really got "into" wine one of the first food and wine matches that I learnt about was seafood and Muscadet. More specifically mussels and muscadet. I quite liked the muscadet but wild horses wouldnt get me to choke down another moule (or for that matter oyster). But Muscadet suffered from a bad rep in the early nineties as demand for it encouraged lower quality wines to flood into the UK market. It also suffered under the onslaught of New Zealand savvy's and other wines from the new world.

About two years ago, I revisited the wine, when Geoffroy the wine rep from a small french company turned up here with a bag full of samples. There were some great wines there, including a Cour Cheverny which is made from the Romorantin grape which was quite unusual, but the one that stood out for me was the Domaine R de la Grange Muscadet "Vielle Vignes". With an average age of 60 years the vines produce less fruit but more flavoursome and concentrated berries. Crisp, clean, and with the autolytic character that comes from its resting "sur lies" . Served cold this wine is a perfect summer quaffer.

Appearance: Pale straw colour, with light watery rim.

Nose: Clean pronounced aromas of Mr Kiplings apple pies - pastry yeastiness and green apple aromas, with undertones of citrus.

Palate: Crisp acidity and dryness. Appley flavours masked with pastry/yeasty taste following into a ruby grapefruit kind of flavour. Mouthwateringly acidic, with no sweetness at all on the palate. Medium short length with clean finish.

Check out Remy's website (in French) for more information.

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