Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wine Blog Wednesday

Ive been into blogs recently. It all started when i came across That guy has such an amazing narrative style, and he has a skill at storytelling that seems to know when to tell a funny story, a heartrending story, a moral story or a bitchy story. I can so relate to many of the blogs as obviously i work in the industry, and although for the most part the customers over here are much better behaved that their continental cousins in the US, I experience similar scenarios on a regular basis.
Anyway that blog got me into the whole scene, and from there I discovered a world of wineblogs which led me to Wine Blog Wednesday. If I understand the concept correctly, each month a blogger hosts WBW and gets to choose the subject. Then everyone writes a short blog about the experience on their own blogs, and the results are collated by the host blogger. It's sharing knowledge in a 21st century fashion, it's instant, topical and massively entertaining.
Which brings me to this post. This months topic is whites other than Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Riesling. So the idea is to go out and taste something that fits the brief then write a short tasting note about the wine, post it on your blog then share it with everyone. So here goes.

The wine that i have chosen is Saxenburg's Guinea Fowl White 2005, which is a blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier from the Stellenbosch. The bottle has a really smart presentation of a long white label with a spotted guinea fowl feather on it.

On the nose its a very aromatic style of wine, tropical fruit with citrus, the viognier comes through with that kind of white peach aroma with a slightly candied edge to it. On the palate there is a hint of fruit sugar pushing the wine towards off dry, its very crisp and clean with vibrant fruity flavours, a slight spritz on the tongue and a lusciously long lingering finish that seems again to have a hint of sweetness about it.

This is a stonking summer quaffing wine, and it goes really well with all sorts of food as well. We had it paired with a mutton dish on a recent gourmet dinner we did with Adrian Buhrer from Saxenburg estate, and it went down a storm.

Well thats my contribution to WBW #20, and I look forward to reading more and hopefully finding a few new things to try.

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