Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Plans, training and the future

Over the last few weeks Ive been told about several of the plans for the future of the Arkle, wine-list and potentially my own future at the hotel. Which comes as a bit of a surprise to me really. I havent really given much serious thought to my future here. Initially I started here with the idea that after my first six months if things worked out I would probably stay for about five years. This would give me the chance to gain the stability that I wanted in order to go on and complete my WSET diploma course.
Two years later, I have to confess I still dont really know how much longer Im going to stay. Dont get me wrong here, I really enjoy my job, and feel that there is loads more for me to do here. BUT... the practical realities of earning less than your monthly outgoings are biting hard. I had really envisioned that I would be earning considerably more by this stage of my life. I guess Im facing up to the facts that Ive know all my working life, that this industry pays appalling poor wages for excruciatingly long working weeks. With my average week working out at around 56 hours, I actually earn an hourly rate barely above minimum wage. It wouldnt be too bad if I was single and still living with my folks, but Im not. Ive got a wife and three kids to support, a mortgage and utility bills to pay, and a monthly grocery bill that scares the bejeesus out of me, and I barely eat any of it, because Im always at work!!!

Ive been thinking a lot recently about changing my career slightly. I want to stay working with wine in some way, and at the end of the day I do enjoy my job, I just hate the hours and the crappy wages. All this has got me thinking about plans, plans for the future, plans for my personal development and after watching the 100 greatest war films last night on E4 my thoughts are very much on a great escape. Escaping this industry, the cycle of poor wages and long hours, of not seeing my family. So keep nix for the guards, i must get working on the escape plan!!

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