Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gourmet Evening Again - Vallet Freres

My god how the months fly by! It hardly seems like last week we were having the last gourmet evening, and here's the next one already. Tonight Im very chuffed to have Bernard Vallet from Vallet freres here, to show his wines. All the more so, because all being well, Im going to France in October to Vallet freres to work a harvest. Its the first time that Ive done that, so Im really looking forward to it, although Im well aware its going to be hard work. But the thing is, its easy enough to read all about burgundy, to look at maps and see the villages - Volnay, pommard, meursault, gevrey-chambertin etc etc, but I think that to actually get out there, to physically see the land, the vines, to pick the grapes, work in the winery and really get my hands dirty will give me a much better feel for the region and its wines.

Many colleagues and peers have all told me that the best way to get an understanding of a region is to be there, to stand in the vineyards and feel the soil under their feet. To feel the heat/cool/wind/mist to experience the climate that the grapes are exposed to. To spend time in the wineries, smell the new oak casks as they are filled with wine fresh from the fermenters. All those wonderful experiences which I havent had yet. So Im really looking forward to it. Hopefully we will get some time to ourselves to go and explore the region a little bit as well.

Well tonights menu looks good, and Bernard and Ed have arrived, so I need to go and brief the man on what happens tonight. Hopefully if it isnt too late I will post something afterwards.


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