Saturday, April 22, 2006

Trying new things

My plan to develop new flavours and ideas on the wine-list gets one step closer to happening today. Our Sake has arrived. I first tried sake down in London when I was doing the Court of Master Sommeliers course in March. Two of the guys on the course were part of a new company called They had brought along a sake for us to taste as part of the tasting exercise, and I have to admit it was pretty good.
Anyway it got me thinking about taking the whole tasting experience to a new dimension, especially when we look at the gastronomic menu. Why do I always have to stick with wine, when I could look at mixing up the whole experience and throwing all sorts of flavour experiences into the menu. Ive toyed with the idea of producing a page in the list with the Gastro menu and the complementary beverages, and charging a set price for it. Simple, everyone knows what they are going to get and how much its going to cost them. I get the chance to set it all out in simple terms and I can then be as bold and experimental as i want, although obviously if it is too far off the wall, then that might put people off a bit.
So Im going to do it, starting next week. And if im organised enough Im going to blog it on Tuesday afternoon with why Ive paired each beverage to its course.

wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where I can source a champagne trolley like the one you use?

grazza said...

Yes we had the trolley custom made for us by a carpenter that does a load of work for the hotel. If you email me at sommelierATchestergrosvenorDOTcom I can send you some details.