Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Year End

Its coming up for the end of the fiscal year, so we are getting all geared up to completely stocktake everything in the building. This is made all the more taxing (pardon the pun) when we have auditors looking over our shoulders. Its not that we have anything to hide, but just being watched by anybody is unsettling.

So Im kind of stuck in limbo at the moment, unable to get any new wines, unable to purchase anything but the most essential stock, in order to keep the stockholding down under control. To add to the frustration, I have been drafted in to count stock as our cellar master is leaving on Friday. Not good news, because it means that we are going back to a scenario that caused all sorts of problems last year when we went for nearly six months without a cellarman. At its worst I was starting work at 8am then finishing at midnight or later six days a week for a month.

Im not doing that again without a huge payrise.


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