Saturday, March 18, 2006

tasting wines pt 2

So we've tasted the wines, and we've isolated out those wines that we felt had potential for listing. Now what I've got to do is to get on the phone or email to all the suppliers whose wines we are planning on listing to make sure that they have sufficient stock, the vintages are correct, get the prices pinned down and also just give them some feedback. Some of these guys have sent in maybe a dozen wines, and if they are lucky they will pick up two or three listings. I need to let them know how their wines faired and why I'm not going to list some of them. Its usually not very easy, because they all believe very strongly that their portfolio is the best in the business, and that their wines all ought to be on our list. Its one of the reasons that I prefer to get several people involved in the tasting, because it tries to reduce any bias.

Once we have all the details confirmed, we need to start working out prices, listing order, generate bin numbers and then instruct the printers of all the details they need for the list. All this takes place in about a week. Then we just need to proof read about two or three drafts then we are ready to rock and roll. In the week before the menu goes live we try and organise some staff training to introduce them to the new dishes and some of the new wines. Then the whole process starts all over again in about two months time.!!


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