Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gourmet Evening - Italian Connection

Its another gourmet evening tonight, and Ive just finished glassing the restaurant up. We probably spend as much time on the mis-en-place of the gourmet nights as the actual event itself.

Tonight we have Nick Masters from Enotria wine cellars coming down to present a range of wines from their portfolio.

We are starting off with Ruggeri's Santo Stephano Prosecco which is a single vineyard prosecco from one of Veneto's better producers.

With the first course we are pouring a Fiano di Avellino from Feudi di San Grigorio. I first tasted this wine back when i worked at Amaryllis is Glasgow, so Im quite looking forward to tasting it again. Its a fantastically crisp, fresh style that works so well with seafood. Chefs paired that with a pave of cod with lobster.

The second course is going to be a Langhe Roero from Christina Ascheri. Slightly fuller flavour wine, with a bit more depth and body. Main course is a Barolo "Cerequio" from Roberto Voerzio 1996. That was outstanding when i opened it half an hour ago.

With the cheese course we are pouring Nino Negri's Sassella Valtellina Superiore. Another Nebbiolo, but slightly more rounded, a little softer in texture and not quite as aggressive.

Dessert is being paired with Anselmi's I Capitelli a recioto di soave style wine made from partially dried Garganega grapes. Roberto Anselmi used to be part of the Soave consorzio, until he felt that they werent doing enough to preserve the integrity of the region. He famous resigned from the D.O.C. in an open letter to the press. Now his wines have been granted I.G.T. status and he is happy, as this allows him to work the way he wants to.

To finish the guests off (literally) we are serving Nonino's Grappa di Moscato with coffee and biscotti.

Pass the nurofen please!!!

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