Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Post-Gourmet Rush

Well the evening is nearly over, half of the guests have departed, its nearly 11:30 and the boys are getting the restaurant turned around for service tomorrow.

What a great night, mostly positive feedback, but its interesting for me to chat with the guests and see who likes what. I know its been a good night because on several scraps of paper in my pocket, I have orders for six cases of wine. An almost unprecedented level of orders.

The wines were on great form and not a single corked bottle tonight, yippee!!!! Although I check all the bottles for a gourmet evening, I still worry when i get a corked one, because often I only just have enough stock for the evening. If i get one corked bottle I can scrape by, if i get two then im in the poo. Touch wood, it hasnt happened yet (unless you count New Years eve last year when i had 26 bottles that were corked, maderized or just generally kack. Its a good thing that we checked them before service!!

Anyway Im off now for a couple of days, but before I go Ive got a ton of paperwork to catch up on, not least of which is typing the new menu descriptions for the new a la carte menu that goes live tomorrow. Good god im glad im not here for that.


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