Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wine and Spirit Sommelier Challenge

Junes edition of Wine and Spirit magazine features the first round of the semi-final of the Sommelier Challenge. The challenge was the first of two dishes that we had to submit wines for, and it was probably the more challenging of the two. A seared tuna with peppers, olives and tomatoes. I chose to pair the dish with Bonny Doons Clos de Gilroy, a beaujolais style wine made from Grenache. Lovely purple fruity flavours - cherry and raspberry, with a touch of white pepper on the finish. Surprisingly I was the only candidate to chose a red wine, all the others going with a wide array of whites. For the first round Ive placed third, which Im quite happy about. The second round dish will be featured next month, and the top two scoring candidates go forward to compete in the final. Cant wait till next month to find out how Ive done.

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