Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Out with the old and in with some new.

Im going to get into a spot of bother over this Im sure, but Im bringing on a few new suppliers. Im trying to separate the Arkle from the Brasserie and completely sever the two lists. That means that I need to change about fifteen wines. To make sure that we dont cross over Im bringing in two new suppliers. Now Ive worked with them both in the past, so Im familiar with their wines. Theres some new vintages obviously, and a few new agencies and even a few new ranges to look at, which is all jolly exciting. The first is a London operation, Domaine Direct. Their list is predominantly Burgs, but some good white burgs, which we are going to need soon enough. Theyve also got the Leeuwin Estate wines, which are wallet frightening expensive but bloody good. The other supplier Im going to bring on is Yapp brothers. They've got an amazingly eclectic selection of wines from France - Languedoc, Collioure, Palette, Cassis, as well as some cracking Rhones, Loires and Alsace wines. Theres much more from their list that I plan to list.

Accounts are going to go nuts, because we already have something like 36 different liquor suppliers, some supplying us with loads, but many just a few wines. But if we wish to maintain a list of the standard we have, then you have to shop around.

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