Friday, June 01, 2007

Week Two AP (After Paco)

Well two weeks have now passed since Paco left, and on the whole we are getting by pretty well. Things are very different now, Andre is making a lot of changes, trying new approaches, trying new things. Thats neither good, nor bad, but its different. Some work, some dont. We had our first Gourmet dinner without the old team, and it went pretty well, especially when you think that just about everyone there, except for me and Danny were fairly new to them.

AFAIK there is still no replacement on the horizon. We are still looking. Its interesting that before the departures we were all kept up to date with what was happening, told it was all going to be alright, and promised that there would be plenty of backup when we needed it. Now that Paco, Greg, Walter and Anna have gone, things seem quite silent. Its sort of good that we are being left to get on with things, but at the same time it feels kind of lonesome. Time moves on, and for now all is well. We all miss them and hope that they are all settling in to their new lives.

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