Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wine Blog Wednesday 32

My goodness how the time flies. This is a fantastic topic for a WBW - Regular wines versus Reserve Wines. In a market continually flooded with line extensions (in the lingo of the marketeers!) is it really worth the extra cash for the reserve bottling, can we taste/notice a discernable difference? This is our chance to put it to the test and see. I have to say that in many cases I think there are real differences, but sometimes Im not too sure. It seems like every year, Wolfblass to use a particular example, release a new line extention. I remember the days of Black Label being the tete de cuvee, then it was silver, the platinum, then diamond, whats next? Uranium, Australium, Profiterium??

Im going to have to give this one some serious thought tonight, nip into Tescos on the way home and see what I can find. Failing that I might resort to the old fall back of Burgundy - Village and Premier Cru.

Come back tomorrow to see how I get on!

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