Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Domaine de Belland Quincy 2005

Havent been able to find out much about the producer as it doesnt appear in any of the reference books Ive got on the region. Google, surprisingly, isnt too much help either, refering me to Roger Belland in Burgundy. No matter, for this is a great little Savvy from the Loire Valley. Odd really that its classed as a Loire white, when in reality Quincy is on the banks of the river Cher. Coming in a bit cheaper than a Sancerre, which of course everyone knows, Quincy is great value for money. You have the same great fruit aromas, slightly less flint like aromas, but superb length on the palate. And of course all this for about £10 less (wine-list prices) than Sancerre.

So on the nose we have ripe gooseberry aromas with hints of tropical fruit - pineapple and kiwifruit. On the palate the same fruity flavours are prevalent with a cleansing acidity that just sets the juices flowing. There is a clean fresh finish to the wine with the tropical fruit flavours lingering onwards.

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