Saturday, April 21, 2007

Night of the arseholes.

There's no telling really how a night is going to go. At the start of the evening all we have is a list of names. Sometimes there are familiar names, some of whom we look forward to with joy, others with dread. For that really is the way of it. Unfortunately there are usually two reasons why we would remember you.
1) you are a really, really nice person, very friendly, chatty, easy to please and a pleasure to serve.
2) You are a complete tosser. You are the kind of arsehole we remember because you behaved like an idiot, you were rude, you were obnoxious, you were an all round pain in the arse that quite frankly we were glad to see the back off.

Thankfully most people fall into the first category.

Please somebody turn off the arsehole magnet.


Anonymous said...

Ok,Ok Pinkman on the rant again.
Why don't we launch an internet site to name and shame these arseholes, lest nobody else be subjected to their deranged antics.
I'll start the ball rolling. You know who you are Henry Tillman!

Pinkman Out!
Still can't remember bloody password

grazza said...

Mmmm Henry Tillman, theres a name that conjures up some mixed memories. One the one hand he was definately one of the more "challenging" customers up at Gleneagles, but at the same time, as long as you were on the ball, he could be remarkable easy to manipulate. You had to just know what it was the floated his boat, in his case it was big-ass Cali Cabs - parker style. He loved the Duckhorn Three Palms and Beaulieu Vineyards Georges de la Tour. Thing is he was kind of happy to pay the price as well for you cracking a bottle and knocking it out by the glass. But then if he was in a mood, you usually ended up getting the brunt of it, thereby qualifying him for an entry into the Sommeliers Hall of Assholes!. Maybe I should start another blog??!!

grazza said...

Oh, Ive just remembered another one from Amaryllis - Richard Rolls (not sure if thats how it was spelt?)