Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Peer Pressure.

We've got a table of five in tonight that are all chefs. Well four of them are, ones the boss!! Its always interesting when you have "industry insiders" in for dinner, because I guess we are more conscious of being on show. Folks in the trade are notoriously picky about where they eat, and as such they can often spot the slightest of mistakes or errors that most people would realise. Besides which, because we are on show, we want to prove that we can be the best, so it raises our game a bit. All of which sounds like double standards, but it isnt quite like that. I know what I can be like on those all too rare occasions when I go out somewhere nice for dinner. Despite being off duty, my eye is constantly sweeping the room, watching the staff, checking out the tables, the decor, is everything in its place, checking the menus for mistakes, spelling mistakes, balancing the wine list, comparing the prices, all the while "enjoying" myself.

Chef has prepared them a special menu, and at Neils request, Ive paired wines off with each course for them. It gives me a chance to show off a little bit, and I know that Neil is quite knowledgeable about wines, so I want to give him something good, but that will complement the whole experience.

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Escafeld Vineyards said...

I'm hoping to stop in on my trip home to Liverpool this summer, and am very much looking forward to it!