Friday, March 30, 2007

Change's Afoot

Spring time is traditionally the time for deep cleaning and making significant changes to anything. I guess thats holding true for here too. Over the space of this last fortnight we have had the core of the Arkle team handing their notices in. By the end of the May races there's only going to be Danny, Annie, Kazie, Eddie, Wieslaw and Myself left (One Commis sommelier, Library Supervisor, Commis, Commis, Commis and Chef Sommelier in order). Paco has been offered a dream job back in Spain at El Castell de Cuitat. And in the way of good managers, the staff are all going to follow him. I say all, nearly all. Truth be told, if I hadnt got the kids to think about, I would be out there like a shot. Good luck to him, Greg, Anna and Walter, Im jealous as hell and wish I could go too!!

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