Saturday, March 03, 2007

David Duband Vosne Romanee 1999

Ive blogged about Davids wines before, but I hadnt had the Vosne Romanee at that stage. Well tonight I sold a bottle, and it didnt disappoint me or the customer. Slight bit of bottle stink upon opening, which soon disapated to leave quite an earthy nose, with dark stone fruit aromas wrapped around an almost ethereal violet like floral tone. This grew and grew in the glass as it opened up, and the raspberry aromas became slightly more pronounced and separate from the others. For what is essentially a village level wine, this knocks the spots off many premier cru bottlings, and considering it is a mere youngster, I reckon this wine will get better with a few more years of cellaring. Its kind of tempting to take it off the list for a while to let it improve a bit, but hell its so good now, I dont want to deny anyone.

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