Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wine Chemistry and Flavo(u)r - Bakker & Clarke

On the subject of books, this tome is one I have had my eye on for a while. Its a serious geek book with an equally serious price tag - £120. Basically the authors are a pair of Food Analysts who have studied the various bio-chemical attributes of wine flavours and presented it in this weighty book. Its interest to me lies in the breakdown of the various flavour components and what causes them. For example pyrazines are responsable for a raft of flavours particularly that sharp green peppery aroma often found in warmer climate Sauvignon. For a winemaker to know how they are produced might enable him/her to suitably locate their vines in order to produce the right conditions for production of pyrazine components in the wine. Alternatively they could cheat and just add pyrazines to the wine as allegedly happened in South Africa nearly two years ago. Anyway, whiel surfing around Amazon looking for a couple of books on Italian wines to crib up on I came across the book again, and its on sale at a vastly reduced £59.40. I might have to sweet-talk the wife and see if she will let me put it on the credit card!!

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victoria said...

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