Thursday, February 15, 2007

Swept off my feet on Valentines Day.

Well the years biggest Hallmark holiday has just been and passed and I missed it. I spend Valentines Evening in the Accident and Emergency Dept at the Countess Hospital in Chester after having a wee tumble at work and falling down some stairs. When I go down, my god do I do it in style!. So Im currently lying in bed at home, drugged up on painkillers for the second tine this year, with an enormous bruise on my arse (last night the swelling was as big as a subway 6" sandwich!!), a very bruised back and agony whenever I move, breath, laugh, sneeze, cough or in fact do pretty much anything.

Ive got an appointment at the quacks tomorrow, so we shall see what happens. I may be off the web for a wee while.

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