Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back to work

Well Im back to work today, after a week off sick with a sore back. The swelling has all gone thanks to anti-inflamatory tablets prescribed by the quack and the bruise is now a multitude of colours and slowly starting to fade. My right side is still a bit tender and hurts a bit when i cough or yawn, but I need to get back to work for my sanity. Besides moving around will probably loosen it all up a bit and make it better. Ive got loads to catch up with, so many things to get done before the end of march and our financial year. Weve still got a lot of money to move out of the cellar before April 2nd. Then we've got new racking being installed into the cold store for the white wines, so thats going to be a logistical nightmare!! Mind you once it is done we will have storage there for four thousand bottles, which will mean that I can move a lot of stock out of the holding cages and into stock, get them onto the wine-list and help get rid of some more value from the cellar. Not thats there is much in the way of white wine, a bit of white burgundy, loads of meursault and some puligny from Sauzet, but its enough.

Im working on an idea that Roger from Gerrard Seel gave me for our final gourmet of the year. We were originally looking at doing five decades of bordeaux, but seeing as we are overloaded with burgundy and grand cru burgs at that, we are now going to have a month long burgundy festival culminating in the gourmet dinner at the end of the month focussing on Grand Cru Burgundies. Batard Montrachet, Criots, Chevalier, Corton Charlemagne and of course Le Montrachet for the whites, Corton, Echezeaux, Grands Echezeaux, La Tache, Romanee St Vivant, Charmes Chambertin, Clos de la Roche, Clos St Denis etc etc for the reds. Ive spoken to Chef and he's on board to tailor the gastronomic menu around burgundian dishes, we can match wines to the menu for an all inclusive price and take a hit on the margins to move some of the stock. Im quite looking forward to it, and so are quite a few of the guests. Ive still got to finalise the rest of the years events, but it looks good so far.

So Ive got a lot to do, and Ive got the feeling that there may be some significant changes in the air soon.

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