Friday, July 28, 2006

Wines by the glass

Im working on changing our wines by the glass. So far Ive got the champagnes sorted out. Ive got several ideas for the whites and no clues whatsoever about the reds. Its not high on my priority list, its more one of those procrastinating projects that I switch to when I get bored of my higher priority projects (wine-list redesign, bin number re-alignment etc), but its a project that I quite like. The hard part is narrowing down the choice to five or six wines to offer. We want to have a range of styles and represent the New world and Old world to keep all age ranges happy. But its also a case of getting the right prices. If the price is too expensive we will lose business as people avoid it altogether or drink less. But we want to avoid cheap and nasty wines so its a juggling job.

So here are the champagnes we are planning to offer by the glass.

R de Ruinart Brut NV - our house pour, this pinot dominated wine has a rich elegance and creamyness that all our regulars just love.

R de Ruinart Brut Rose - orangey- rose petal pink with fruity nose and red berry flavours.

Aubry Brut NV - fantastic grower champagne from Jouy-les-Reims. The twins used to sell all their grapes to Veuve Clicquot, but now hold back enough to make their own fabulous wines. Also pinot dominated, there is a greater proportion of Meunier in this blend giving a kind of rye bread character to the wine. If youve never experienced a grower champagne then this is one of the best that you can start with.

de Venoge brut Millesime 1996 - small house based in Epernay, owned by Bruno Paillard. This kind of reminds me of fresh pain-au-chocolate you get in the patisseries in French villages first thing in the morning. That brioche style pastry with hits of good quality dark chocolate - vanilla, summer spices. One of the best vintage champagnes Ive had without costing an arm and a kidney.

Pommery Summertime Blanc de Blancs NV - part of Pommery's excellent seasonal range, this pure chardonnay has crisp bracing acidity, with a refreshing summertime lightness and clean pronounced flavours of citrus with fresh almond undernotes.

I will post the whites next week, once I have finalised my choice.

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