Friday, July 28, 2006

Weve got a new cellar monkey

Phil the cellar master is leaving after two turbulent years in charge of the cellar and stores. He's put up with some real challenges in the form of nightmare stocktakes, staffing issues from hell, lack of support from everybody and its given him high blood pressure and stress. Im amazed he hasnt had a coronary and carked it in the cellar. Im going to miss Phil, we always got on well, and much as I hated coming in on a sunday morning to do the stocktakes, it was a bit of a laugh doing them with him. So now we've got a new cellar monkey - Mike the bookings co-ordinator has volunteered to be the next sacrifical lamb to the slaughter. He's got three days next week to learn the ropes from Phil before hes on his own. Good luck!!!!

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