Thursday, January 11, 2007

On Appreciation.

I think it must be human nature to want to be appreciated. We all crave recognition for our efforts, our endevours, our achievements, whether it be a "well done!" from the boss, or a token of thanks from a client or a hug from a loved one, even a fiscal reward in the form of a bonus or pay-rise. Ive been really lucky working here, for the most part it is made clear that my efforts are appreciated. With the season of giving having finished recently, Ive also been able to see how much Im appreciated by both our suppliers and our customers. Ive had a very good xmas on that score. The crowning glory came with the gift of a bottle of 1996 Hill of Grace from one of our regular customers. To say that I was gobsmacked is a slight understatement. It is a truly gratifying experience to think that I have made such an impact on this persons experiences at the Grosvenor that he felt comfortable to go out an buy me a £160 bottle of wine as a xmas gift. I kind of glad that I didnt open it in front of him, and that I saved it for xmas. Well, its been added to my humble collection of wines and I plan to open it later in the year with some good friends and colleagues over a nice meal.

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