Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hills of Grace

The Arkle is closed at the moment for our annual holiday, three weeks of pure bliss with no dinner service, evenings off and generally we do a bit of spring cleaning during this time. This year, we arent doing so much, because for two weeks La Brasserie is moving into the Arkle and Library while they have their floor replaced. Besides which, this year Ive taken my holidays in January to avoid a repeat of the debacle we had over summer when I was forced to return prematurely from my holidays. So it is that young Danny is holding the fort in the "Arkerie". This morning I wake up to a text from young Danny, not to mention a voicemail evidently left last night at about 9pm ish. It seems that he had an adventurous guest in who wanted a big Aussie red. Danny being young, impetuous and with balls of steel goes straight for the jugular with Henschke Hill of Grace. Damn me if the fish doesnt bite, not only once with the 1997 Hill of Grace at a wince inducing £425, but a second time with the insanely young 1999 Hill of Grace at a slightly more palateable £340. Dannys parting message - he (Danny) prefers the 97, the 99 was too strong!!

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