Saturday, June 28, 2008

Smith Haut-Lafitte Blanc 1998

I must say that I do like a good white bordeaux. The crisp freshness of Chateau La Freynelles bordeaux blanc is a marvelous summer sipper and great with a wide variety of food. But spend a lot more and the result is heaven in a glass. For me there is no better bordeaux blanc that Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc, and I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of cases of the 98 from a broking list the other week. Ive been itching to try it, and last night I got my chance. It has quite an aromatic nose, slightly more exotic that Mark was expecting with a defining aroma of dried apricots or peaches. I was getting a bit of dried white fruits, but perhaps more of golden sultanas. I didnt taste it as I had a funny slightly metallic taste in my mouth at the time. The customers loved it though, so thats what counts. Now I plan to sell the hell out of it tonight!!

The estate is one that wasnt really held in much regard in the wine industry, but that is all changing under the new owners the Cathaird family. They have invested heavily in the estate, including building a new 2000 barrel cellar and the heart of the estate is the Source des Caudalies Spa and hotel. For a short while I entertained the idea of maybe taking my better half there for a short weekend break over the october half terms break, but then I saw the prices. Perhaps not! Especially on my salary!!


Brewnoser said...

I am predicting a renewed interest in White Bordeaux, at least here in Canada, where the wine is hard to find, for now. Keep posting on them, and maybe one will come by that I can actually find here!

grazza said...

Personally I hope there will be renewed interest in them here. Certainly we seem to be selling more top end white bordeaux now that folks are tiring of identikit kiwi savvys that explode with flavour on the nose and palate but fail to deliver much else.

Brewnoser said...

Exactly. Did a Cloudy Bay vs. P. Jolivet Sancerre blind comparison last month. The "Sancerre Blanc",which both cost about the same here.

Newbies liked the Kiwi, those who've been drinking wine for longer preferred the Sancerre.

But both were good.

My brother is a wine writer - the best SB he has tasted this year was from..... Nova Scotia. Yes, watch out for here. A little more global warming, just enough to allow more vinifera to survive the winter.... We are at 45 deg latitude, after all.