Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WBW 42 - Just Seven Words

Andrew of Spitoon has come up with a blinding idea for this months edition of WBW - describing a wine in just seven words. ( In these abreviated days of txtspk and slang, I suppose it is becoming more common to shorten everything. Personally I think there are times when it is useful, Im not sure that describing wine is one of them, but then again I have seen many wine reviews that run towards the verbal diarrhea so I happy to give it a shot.
The wine that I have selected is Planeta Cerasuelo di Vittoria 2006, which unless I am mistaken is Sicily's only D.O.C.G. wine. The wine is a blend of two native varieties - Nero d'Avola and Frappato. So seven words -
Reminds me of Vimto and Wham bars.
Tastes like summer berries and ginger beer.

For those that dont know what a Wham bar is, it was a sweet very popular in the eighties. A flat chewy bar with rainbow drops of cystalised sugar and popping candy on the top of it. The flavour was a mixed fruit flavour that had hints of red berries and rhubarb. They used to cost about 10p each and were so chewy they had the power to extract fillings!! I havent seen one for years but you can get them from A Quarter of (

Well that was quite easy really, good theme Andrew and Im looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

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Andrew said...

I had totally forgotton Wham bars - but I don't remember them like that at all! Still a great descriptive.

Thanks for taking part!