Friday, November 16, 2007

WBW 39 Silver Burgundy

Im a bit behind on this posting, so Im going to keep it short and sweet. The wine is a Givry from a producer that Ive had an affinity for, for a while now, Jean-Marc Boillot. Boillot used to be the winemaker at Olivier Leflaive, and being the grandson of Ettiene Sauzet to boot, you just know theres good pedigree there. Its a 96 which is starting to give me some cause for concern, the attrition rate on this wine is now upto one in three bottles which means that Im losing a third of the stock. But those bottles that arent oxidised beyond salvage are showing marvelous nutty character with rich buttery flavours and a stoney fruit character that is edging on the sultana. The wine is getting a touch flabby, well it is 11 years old, and I think the oak flavours are now starting to appear out of balance, but with the right dish, this is a lovely wine, and its not going to break the bank either. Currently sitting on our winelist at £33 thats not bad going when you think that Im losing one bottle in every three I open.

Thanks to the Brooklyn Guy for the great topic
and Im looking forward to reading what others have found.


Brooklynguy said...

thanks for participating Garry - just made it.

Anonymous said...

what a lazy little blogger you're becoming Mr. Clark tut tut tut thats nearly two weeks without an entry.

thepassionatecook said...

hello, i've been looking for your email address everywhere... so trying a comment instead: we are organising this year's menu for hope for the uk - if you'd like to participate, please get in touch and i will send you more information! (alternatively, find more info on my blog!)
it would be great if you could participate!

Anonymous said...

Garry's got a groupie, Garry's got a groupie!

Seriously though, wtf? over 3 weeks without an entry? I know you too well. There's no way you've got nothing to say. What gives?