Saturday, May 12, 2007

How do we solve a problem like Paco?

It's Pacos last day today. I feel quite sad watching him saying goodbye to all the regular guests and people he has come to know over the last few years. There is a strange mood in the library today as we all know that things are coming to an end, and that after next week everything will be different. Im going to miss him and Greg and Anna and Walter. The place wont be the same without them, but the times they are a changing.

We are going out tomorrow night for Pacos leaving party to Leigh and Cathys place - the Foxcote Inn. Should be a good night out, Ive dug out a couple of special bottles of wine from my personal stash - a bottle of Mouton I got as a leaving present when I left Gleneagles, the bottle of Hill of Grace that Mr and Mrs B gave me for Christmas, and a bottle of 1990 Pesquera Reserva that a grateful customer got me when I worked at Amaryllis. Leighs knocked together a smashing menu and hes got a few magnums of Vieux Telegraphe that he plans to consume. Should be a good night.

So, how do we solve a problem like Paco? Well it seems that, wisely, they are planning on taking their time and making sure that we get the right canididate. Andre doesnt anticipate having a replacement before the end of September. I think thats a bit hopeful, but we shall see. Whomever they get will have the chance to stamp their own personality on the role and make that restaurant their own. Its going to be a new evolution. In the meantime, Andre takes over the running of the Arkle and the remainder of us just carry on as normal.

The Chinese have an ancient curse that says "May you live in interesting times". I think its going to get very interesting here soon, and it is going to be the making of some people, and the breaking of others.

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