Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cellar work

The cellar is looking a bit of a mess at the moment, as there have been lots of new arrivals and we havent had a chance to rack them up yet. Ross has been really good recently and allowed me an almost free reign to get some new stock. Ive taken this opportunity to fill in some major gaps in the wine-list and bulk up some weaker regions. New Zealand has nearly tripled in size from seven wines to nearly 25 by the time Ive added the new wines. Im now working on Australia a bit. I aim to make the Aussie section upto three pages long. Five if you include the two special pages that Im planning on putting together (Charles Melton and Henschke). Then its South America and South Africa that need some TLC, and the Loire could do with a bit of a boost. Then I want to work on my next project which is a Wine Century - 100 different grape varieties. I posted earlier about managing to taste 100 different grape varieties and so gaining entry into the Wine Century club. So I figured it might be a really cool couple of pages in the winelist if i did a Wine Century. Ive got some really cool obscure ones that would work really well with the menu, so they would be saleable. For example I tasted a Cour-Cheverny from France which is made from the Romorantin grape. I reckon that I probably have about 40 varieties at the moment anyway, so Im not going to have to search too hard perhaps.

Anyway this afternoon Im going to spend most of the afternoon in the cellar like a troglodyte racking up the red wines that have come in. After all its stocktake this weekend so the more I can do now, the easier that will be.


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